Oryx Coffee No. 4 – Decaf Lungo – 100% biodegradable wooden capsules (10 pcs.)


Package content: 10 capsules
100% biodegradable wooden capsules

An intense decaffeinated coffee beverage suitable for Lungo. As long, filter-style shot medium-bodied with a long walnut and cocoa finish. Naturally decaffeinated without chemical additives using the Swiss Water Process.
Swiss Water Process
Coffee, decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, follows several steps. The first is to remove the silver skin from the bean. Next, coffee is transferred to tanks where it is soaked in clean water. In the third step, low-caffeine green coffee extract (water saturated with soluble green coffee compounds) flows into the coffee tanks. The green coffee extract has caffeine levels just below that of the green coffee, optimizing the driving force of the caffeine from the coffee into the green coffee extract. This process is repeated several times as the percentage of caffeine in the green coffee decreases. Finally, coffee is dried using an evaporative process where the moisture is converted to vapor and removed through an air exhaust stream. The green coffee extract, now rich in caffeine, moves to a special carbon filtration system to remove the caffeine. The green coffee extract is used for the next round of decaffeination.

ORIGIN: Brazil, Chapada De Minas

Chapada de Minas is a small and beautiful region with stunning topography, shaped by plateaus and river canyons. The flatter plateau areas promoted the mechanization of the region’s coffee plantations. Coffee cultivation began in the 1870s.



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